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About Ana : Her name rhymes with uhm...well, it looks like tangerines. (to me kljsdfkh OTL) and she likes tangerines. yessss. and cats. and all of you. because she's sexy like that. :| and she's really cute and very loveble. so you should talk to her more. because she's like a kitty. they need lovee. &she's14. but on her fb its like... oh, and yes, ana has a fb. you should go add her. :| it's anaissosexythatyoushouldaddher @fb. and yeah, she's on hiatus. but you should spam her. spamm herrrrrr. :| i think she'll like that. spamming is good. okay, ill shut up and leave this for her and her friendssss and maybe pedos who come along and read it. 8| im a pedo. -raises hand- just kidding. maybe. ❤ my bio written by xa. i would say it's pretty accurate (y)
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